Loc. Notteri, 5 – 09049 Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy


Villasimius is a coastal municipality 3.110 in the province of Cagliari. Because of its strategic position, the territory was inhabited since prehistoric times, as testified by Nuraghe (19TH – 6th century BC), from Phoenician – Carthaginian (VII – II sec. BC) and romane (III sec. a. C. – 6th century. a.d.). During the judicial period, aragonese and Spanish the territory was subject to continual barbarian, and so it went progressively depopulated. Are vestiges of the Spanish period some towers and a coastal fortress (Old Fortress) (sec. XVI – XVII). The village, It then evolved to the current set-up, originally called Carbonara (the name appears as early as the 13th century documents), It was repopulated in the early dell’ ' 800 and was erected in Town in 1838. The 17 August 1862 the City Council chose to change name to Villasimius. You do not know the reasons for that decision. Originally the economic resources of Carbonara – Villasimius were essentially linked to agriculture and pastoralism (fishing not, Despite the sea), and from the 1875 the years ' 50 to granite extraction. Tourism for summer starts from the years ' 50, but only after the 60 's develops as main activities, doing one of the most frequented place of Sardinia and the Mediterranean. In 1998 (DM 15.09.1998, modified by DM 03.08.1999 – G.U. n. 229 of 29.09.1999) in the territory of Villasimius was established the marine protected Area of Capo Carbonara.